Personal Project inspired by a friend’s illustration, Giulia Marotta.
She’s an amazing tattoo artist and also a fantastic illustrator. She loves to draw in black and white using just dots and lines.
When I saw her drawings the first time I was really impressed, not only by the technique but also by the concept behind them.
She’s so creative!
That’s why one day I thought about trying to bring her drawings to life turning them into surrealistic worlds.
In particular, this one is an illustration she did for a restaurant in Milan, where she represents the city of Mantua.
I think you should go and visit her website: http://eightlinestattoo.it/
I did this digital painting starting from the basic shapes, sculpted in Zbrush. After that, I create this surrealistic scene in C4D, modeling all the buildings and setting all the lights. At the end, I overpainted everything using photoshop, trying to give more details and atmosphere.